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Delhi Awas Yojna 2019

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Delhi Awas Yojna 2019 will serve as the ultimate solution to the problem of affordable housing throughout Delhi. Smart City Delhi Awas Yojna is one of the most progressive development projects in Delhi. One of the most exclusive facts about this development project is that around one third of the homes available in this development project have been reserved for women. Women have now got the chance of possessing their own homes in Delhi irrespective of the fact that whether they are housewives or working women. The fact that there are residential units reserved for women makes it evident that this housing scheme in Delhi is aimed towards encouraging women. This development project in Delhi will surely pave the way towards a brighter and more appealing future for the women of Delhi. If such housing schemes with reserved categories for women are developed throughout the country, there would be a boost provided to women empowerment in the country.

Another added advantage of this project is that it comes by way of the Multi State CGHS system. All the residential units shall be available to the people of Delhi by way of draws. It is also worth noting that there are a total of 360 homes available for purchase. Therefore, this is the golden chance for all those individuals who are looking to have homes that they can call their own in Delhi. This is the time for you to book flats at this residential project. The lowest price for flats available at this development project is Rs. 16.80 lakh which is not a major deal for owning a house in the national capital. There are basically four types of apartments available by way of this housing scheme available at different prices. The flats have been specifically developed for catering to the requirements of Indian families.

आवास का आबंटन ड्रा द्वारा
पंजीकरण राशि मात्र 10,000/- रुपये *
डीडीए प्रमाणित CHS सोसाइटी
मात्र 336 आवास उपलब्ध
33% महिलाओं के लिए आरक्षित
दिल्ली में एक घर अपनों के बीच