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Master Plan Delhi

Take Advantage of the Master Plan Delhi (MPD) 2021

Obviously, most of the homebuyers in Delhi know about MPD 2021 that is the huge document for urban planning in Delhi. It is worth to mention that MPD 2021 is the award-winning document particularly constructed with the objective of upgrading national capital into a global and world-class metropolis.
Currently, people who are living in Delhi facing several issues such as residential & commercial dwellings, land, infrastructure, amenities, transportation, and so on. All these things make the government think about the culture and environment protection, management, ecology, social empowerment, and governance.

In 2003, the Union Urban Development Ministry commissioned a team of 200experts via DDA (Delhi Development Authority). They have worked for almost two years for constructing Master Plan Delhi 2021. By considering the future needs and necessities of the national capital such as shelter, traffic, transportation, and trade & commerce, twelve sub-groups of professional have works from distinct fields.

They incorporated MPD 2021 after analyzing the detailed reviews of the present problems and sectoral studies. It is worth to mention that DDA works in the form of the nonprofit organization, which is entirely committed to assisting the Delhi Township community and companies in order to flourish together.

DDA creates an outstanding and beneficial environment for both citizens and companies to develop as well as flourish using the wealth of useful resources. This also indulges developing relationships, social media, marketing community, creating promotional scopes, and helping different activities.

Many realtors come forward to contribute their effort for the success of this mission. Revanta housing society is also one of those popular realtor groups in the country, which works effortlessly for the betterment of people and nation. The development of smart cities through Delhi Awas Yojana under the Land Pooling Policy is fully aimed towards bringing people and organization together.

On the other hand, the Dwarka Smart City of the society is also aimed towards developing the well-developed and better group of people as well as other communities in the same range. Overall, MPD 2021 is not only offering housing for all but also create a better living environment for the people.

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